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Corporate Volunteer Partnerships

Supporting a culture of diversity and inclusion by volunteering at Penn-Mar Human Services

Corporations and organizations with a commitment to diversity and inclusion have an opportunity to engage their workforce in a meaningful way through volunteering at Penn-Mar Human Services. Penn-Mar supports nearly 500 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the greater Baltimore area in Maryland and in Southern York County in Pennsylvania. The opportunity to contribute time and talent to make a difference is rewarding for volunteers because their contribution helps people with disabilities live their best life. The work is tangible, and the gratitude is heartwarming.

Volunteer opportunities are available for groups ranging in size from 10-100. Between our Day Learning Centers located in Northern Baltimore County, Carroll County, Southern York County and our 54 residential homes, there is always a helping hand needed. Depending on the size and interest of the volunteer group, projects range from building table vegetable gardens, planting gardens, power-washing, spruce-ups, themed events, and more.

Our Volunteer Engagement Manager will work with your organization to develop a project that will be meaningful to your workforce by fostering camaraderie, achieving tangible results, and engaging every volunteer in the most productive manner. At the end of a day of service, we promise that all volunteers will have a sense of accomplishment and purpose, along with a deeper understanding of why including people with disabilities in our communities makes the world a better place.

For more information about a Day of Service at Penn-Mar Human Services or other volunteer opportunities, please contact Kollyne Wetzel at or 410.343.1069 x 257.

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